16 varieties in a half day of fishing

Joe and Mary wanted variety … And they sure got it!





A half day trip to Hawk Channel netted 16 varieties of fish, some keepers, some not.

Included in the catch was not only a prized hogfish but a lionfish. Invasive species that are threatening our coral reef, lionfish happen to be quite delicious to eat. The delicate, super white meat is very similar to hogfish, so to catch both on the same outing is quite the bonus.

Anglers: Joe and Mary Hayes, from Shelby MI

Charter Type: half day

Fishing Venue: Hawk Channel

Species Caught (some kept, some released): lionfish, hogfish, Spanish mackerel, yellowtail, lane, mangrove and mutton snapper, blue runner, grunt, porgy, scorpion fish, pork fish, red and black grouper, coney, rock hind

Capt. Chris Johnson
SeaSquared Charters

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