Brits enjoy Florida Keys fishing

Sara and Jon Patten with Jim O'Donnell and part of their catch of rainbow runners and yellowtail snapper

Captain’s Blog – December 1, 2009 – Marathon Florida Keys – Jim O’Donnell escapes his native England as often as possible to fish in his beloved Florida Keys.  

Jim keeps his Bay Ranger in Long Key and clocks many hours in it in his quest for tarpon.  But his experience with fishing beyond the flats here in the Keys is limited.  Today he brought his friends, Jon and Sara Patten, along with me on the SeaSquared for a little reef fishing.  Conditions were excellent following one of our windy spells, so I took them to one of my favorite spots in about 80 feet of water, anchored  up and set the chum to work.  

The fishing was not quite as off-the-hook as it had been prior to the Thanksgiving cold front, but there were abundant fish for the taking.  Unfortunately, there was a mass of very aggressive bull sharks who were also interested in snagging some tasty eats.  But we persevered and put a nice catch together, including yellowtail snapper up to 20 inches, rainbow runners and bonita. 

Jim was tickled to catch his first rainbow runner, and is looking forward to coming back for more great Florida Keys fishing in February.  

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