Bylsma Family Day 3: Fish to Eat!

With the Bylsma crew’s arms sore from catching sharks and tarpon and nothing for the dinner table, we set out for the reef to catch snapper and grouper.

Conditions were a bit on the sporty side, so we came inshore to a favorite channel of mine near the Seven Mile Bridge.

There we got on the mother load of BIG porgy.  Porgies may lack the prestige of snapper and grouper, but they’re not far behind them on the dinner table.  In fact, their white meat is very similar in consistency and taste to the hogfish.

Porgies are strong fighters, but the Bylsma clan didn’t let the fish get the better of them.  They put 20 large porgies in the cooler.

The anglers topped off their catch with four good size mangrove snapper and a 25-inch black grouper.

They took enough home for dinner that night and I’m packaging, freezing and shipping the rest back home for them to enjoy in Indiana.

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