Captains Day on SeaSquared Charters

Captain’s Blog – January 20, 2010 – Marathon Florida Keys – Today was the first really, really beautiful day since our cold snap.  Three charter Captains, one jet ski guy – and a guy from Massachusetts who calls himself a Hardcore Angler – set off for a day of fishing the reef.

My intent was to scope out some new fishing spots I’d received plus do some snapper fishing for a tasty dinner.  With two other charter Captains on board, the pressure was on.  Thankfully, they’re both good friends …. Capt. Jimmy Griffith, who runs Light N Up Charters out of Hawks Cay Resort, and Capt. Tom Beck, who runs various private boats as well as our tarpon trips on the SeaSquared

Ryan DuVernay, who owns 7 Mile Watersports, was along mostly for comic relief.  Rounding out the crew was Chris Babiana, founder of Hardcore Angler Custom Offshore Gear.  Chris is visiting the Keys from Massachusetts in part to help his buddies get the new restaurant up and running at the 7 Mile Marina.  He developed awesome work stations and bait rigging tables, so we decided to field test one that he customized for the SeaSquared.

We had a great day with a ton of laughs.  We caught a few fish too.  Ryan got his first mutton snapper and Capt. Tom put the hurt on the yellowtails.  We even got a rainbow runner and an amberjack for the smoker

For any of you who have tried, you know throwing a cast net is a real talent.  Luckily both Capt. Tom and Capt. Jimmy are real pros.  We came across some ballyhoo and each of them threw the net to fill the live well.  Ballyhoo is sailfish candy and we were rewarded handily with a spindle beak on Capt. Jimmy’s line.  He fought the fish for twenty minutes or so and got it to jump a couple of times, but it escaped just as we got it to the boat.  Must have been camera shy. 

Special thanks to Chris Babiana for putting this video together.  Be sure to check out his cool Hardcore Angler apparel.


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