Dinner and a show for the Hoffman family from MI

There was no lack of toothiness on this shark fishing adventure! While we were fishing for the Hoffman’s snapper dinner, we had an 8-foot hammerhead shark come right up to the boat!  We had it on the line briefly before … Read More

First ever fish for Michelle and Heather!

Visiting Hawks Cay Resort from Oak Ridge NJ, the Palus family had a blast fishing the calm bay waters off Marathon. Mark and Michelle and their kids, Justin, Matthew and Heather, brought back a bounty of good-eating fish, including mangrove … Read More

Bylsma Family Day 4: Fish to Eat AND Tarpon!

It came down to the Bylsma family’s last day of fishing for John to get his tarpon. We went to the Bahia Honda bridges, where the big tarpon were still thick and still biting well.  The crew went two landings … Read More

These folks know it’s all about the family time!

Marathon Florida Keys Fishing Report, Capt. Chris Johnson, SeaSquared Charters, March 30, 2011 Dan Verdick, from Elk River MN, and his 9 year-old son, Ben, fished with us during their vacation to Marathon Florida Keys last year.  This time, Dan … Read More

Encounter with toothy critters for Mom & sons during their Florida Keys vacation

Florida Keys Fishing Report – Capt. Chris Johnson, SeaSquared Charters – July 6, 2010   Kerry Colvett called and said her sons weren’t catching many fish from the dock at their rental house.  So, she booked a trip with SeaSquared Charters.    … Read More

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