It’s official. There has been NO impact on Florida Keys waters by the BP oil spill!

Here’s great news for all of you who have delayed your Florida Keys fishing trip due to fear about the effects of the BP oil spill on Florida Keys waters.  There is NO effect from the spill.  Zero.  Nada.  Nothing. … Read More

Breaking News from NOAA: Gulf’s Surface Oil Not a Threat to Southern Florida, Keys and East Coast

Source: NOAA July 30, 2010 Florida shoreline assessment.  High resolution (Credit: NOAA) Southern Florida, the Florida Keys and the East Coast are not likely to experience any effects from the remaining oil on the surface of the Gulf as the … Read More

Gulf fishing closure moved even further AWAY from Florida Keys

NOAA modifies commercial and recreational fishing closure in the oil-affected portions of the Gulf of Mexico. The closure has been moved further west AWAY from the Florida Keys. The changes take effect today, June 21, at 6pm. While the closure measures nearly … Read More

FWC Chairman Rodney Barreto: Florida is open for business!

Source: Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission FWC hears update on oil spill response Florida is open for business. This was the recurring theme at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) emergency workshop May 19 in St. Pete Beach. … Read More

Should you still come fishing? YES!

Source: Monroe County Tourist Development Council The following questions and answers are being provided for current and potential visitors to the Florida Keys. I heard that the Keys are in imminent danger of being affected by the oil spill. According … Read More

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