Day 2 for the Blake/Anderson group: Shark and tarpon fishing

With plenty of good-eating snapper and grouper packed safely away from yesterday’s trip, Roger and Mary Blake and Bill Anderson decided to give their arms a good workout today!

We started the day with some shallow water catch-and-release shark fishing.  This fishing is such a blast, even for seasoned anglers like these who have fished in some pretty exotic places!

The trio landed 21 large lemon sharks in less than three hours!

We then moved on to Bahia Honda for some tarpon fishing.  Hooking and successfully landing a tarpon is much trickier than a shark.  Tarpon are crafty critters and it’s tough to know when you have a bite, whereas sharks are voracious eaters and it’s absolutely apparent when they’ve taken your bait.

At the end of the day, Roger succeeded in landing his first tarpon – a nice 100-pounder!


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