Excited to catch big sharks but still want to bring home a fresh Florida Keys fish dinner?

No problem!
With our combo trip, Dinner and a Show, you will accomplish both!

These are 6- or 8-hour trips (your choice) where you’ll spend most of your outing catching and releasing sharks in shallow water and then move on for some snapper fishing in Florida Bay.  The intention is not to limit out on snapper, but to catch enough for a nice dinner.

The most prevalent species of snapper you’ll catch in the Bay is mangrove snapper. Averaging two to six pounds, mangroves are incredibly hard-fighting fish for their size. The smaller fish are a blast to catch for anglers of all ages and abilities, and the larger specimens will test the talents of even the most seasoned angler.

The mangrove’s sweet, white meat is excellent table fare. There’s nothing finer than a platter of mangrove snapper prepared your favorite way – fried, grilled, blackened, baked – at one of Marathon’s many restaurants that offer cook-your-catch.

You may also catch yellowtail snapper, porgy, mackerel, hogfish and possibly even some grouper – all depending on the time of year.

Treat Yourself!

Have Your Fish Cooked at One of Marathon's Great Restaurants

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