Dolphin dinner for honeymooners from Virginia

Nick and Tiffany Mills, from Hanover VA, enjoyed a Florida Keys honeymoon!

The newlyweds stayed at Tranquility Bay Resort, visited the Dolphin Research Center and the Turtle Hospital, dined at Castaway and the Sunset Grille and – of course – spent a day in Key West.  They also went fishing with SeaSquared Charters.

We headed offshore to target dolphin and found birds working at about 700 feet of water.  There was a nice bunch of dolphin there and we set to putting some of them in the boat.  They weren’t huge fish, but Nick and Tiffany put a half-dozen nice schoolies in the cooler – enough to fill two big Ziplok bags with tasty dolphin fillets.  This was Tiffany’s first ever dolphin catch!

We then moved in to drop on a wreck and Nick battled a 25-pound amberjack, adding it to the dolphin in the cooler.

Nick and Tiffany planned to dine on some of their catch for dinner at Lazy Days Restaurant.

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