Encounter with toothy critters for Mom & sons during their Florida Keys vacation

Florida Keys Fishing Report – Capt. Chris Johnson, SeaSquared Charters – July 6, 2010  

Kerry Colvett called and said her sons weren’t catching many fish from the dock at their rental house.  So, she booked a trip with SeaSquared Charters.   

We first made a stop on one of my favorite bay side spots and put some fresh blue runners in the boat along with a nice bunch of mangrove snapper.  We then moved on to the shark hunting grounds and put those blue runners to good use!    

Kerry’s sons, Kent Ward (19) and his brother Grant (16), proceeded to put the hurt on the sharks.  They caught and released 8 lemon sharks up to about 7 feet in length.  They also wrangled a 4-foot barracuda to the boat.    

Back at the dock, I cleaned and filleted their mangrove snapper for them to have for dinner that evening.     

That’s what we call Florida Keys Dinner and a Show ~ SeaSquared Style!

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