Even with the human banana on board…

The Neary/Mason group, from the real Jersey Shore, had a great time fishing the reef for snapper.


Christy has known Colleen Neary since she was a kid, and they  share a Valentine birthday.  When Colleen, her boyfriend Dan Mason, her dad Jim and Jim’s wife, Donna, decided to vacation in Key West, naturally they included a fishing trip with SeaSquared Charters.

Their trip was originally scheduled for Wednesday but, when we got out to the reef, a pretty sizeable thunder and lightning storm came rolling in.  So, we headed back to the dock and rescheduled for today.

Dan readily admitted that storm clouds tend to follow him around.  So, I shouldn’t have been surprised when today’s fishing was a tad on the tough side.

We got to my favorite yellowtail spot, put the chum in the water and – boom – a mass of yellow appeared behind the boat.  The anglers started to drift the hooked baits back in the slick, and the ‘tails ran.  Hmmm, I thought.  Then the mangroves showed up.  Big ones.  OK, I thought.

In the end, the crew put together a pretty good catch of yellowtail and large mangrove snapper.  Plenty for dinner back in Key West.

We all dubbed Dan “the human banana” for the less than good luck he brought the boat.  If you’re not familiar with what bananas have to do with boats and fishing, click here and scroll down to “No Bananas.”

And, it all goes to prove … it’s more about the time together than the size of the catch.

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