Family fun fishing for the Dugan and Holmes clans from Massachusetts

Captain’s Blog – April 20, 2010 – Marathon Florida Keys – Back in February, the Dugan and Holmes clans had to postpone their Florida Keys vacation due to bad weather back home in Massachusetts.  Quite simply, all flights were grounded.

Fast forward to April, the snow is gone and here they are!  Two sets of Moms and Dads and more kids than we could count!  Six of them went fishing with me while the rest of them lounged at the pool back at Tranquility Bay.

I’m really glad they were able to come in April.  Not only is our weather nicer now than it was back in February, but the yellowtail fishing has turned on big time.  And, nothing makes for better family fun fishing than yellowtailing!  Well, perhaps mangrove snapper fishing.  Or shark fishing.  Or ….

We caught ‘tails ranging in size from throwbacks to hefty 22 inchers.  More than a couple got eaten by grouper.  (You’ll have your day, Mr. Grouper, come May 1st!)  Some cero mackerel added to the mix.  The highlight of the day for the only adult on board – Brian Holmes – was the 20-pound amberjack he caught on 12-pound test.  Come to find out later, it was Brian’s first saltwater fishing adventure.  Way to go!

When we got back to the dock, the two dads – Brian and Chris Dugan – were pretty amazed at the amount of fish they caught.  They wanted Christy and I to keep some, but we convinced them they should take it all and enjoy it while they’re in the Keys.  You just don’t get fish tastier than the ones you catch yourself!

The families returned to the 7 Mile Marina the evening following their charter and had the fish cooked for them at Fat Buoyz while the kids enjoyed Capt. Spider’s Casting Contest.

All in all, it was everything a vacation day in the Florida Keys should be.  A little fishing, some cold beverages under a tiki hut, fresh fish for dinner and – most importantly – quality time spent with family and friends.

Christy and I are looking forward to seeing the Holmes and Dugan families again next year.  I wonder how many kids they’ll have with them!

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