First tarpon of the season!

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With lots of tarpon trips coming up on the charter calendar, I wanted to get out and see what’s happening!


Christy and I invited along my deckhand, Jason Bell, plus Johnny Maddox, proprietor of Captain Pip’s Marina and Hideaway and Porky’s in Marathon, and his lady friend, Char Hruska.

We anchored up on one spot at the Seven Mile Bridge and saw a few tarpon rolling, but got no bites.  We moved to the next spot, Johnny put his mullet bait out and – wham – fish on!  Jason scrambled to unhook the anchor and we were off for the chase. 

Let me tell you, this fish gave Johnny quite a fight.  It never jumped but rolled on the surface several times, only to take off on another long run.  We ended up about a mile south of the bridge.  On hour after hooking the tarpon, Johnny prevailed and brought the fish to the boat.  It was definitely camera-shy at it gave us no time to get a close-up.  Judging by the glimpses we got as it rolled on the surface, the fish was easily a very healthy 100-pounder.

We shot back to the north side of the bridge and tried drifting for another bite.  We really weren’t trying very hard but instead enjoying the world-famous Florida Keys sunset along with a good time with good friends.

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