First time’s a charm for family from the UK

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The Pittham family, from West Sussex England, had a blast wrangling sharks during their first time to the Florida Keys.

Steve, Margaret, Chris and Dan Pittham, along with Tatia Hayes, are staying at the lovely Indigo Reef and having a great time discovering all that Marathon has to offer for a family vacation.

Upon our departure, the crew admitted they are “complete novices” when it comes to fishing.  But that’s what is so awesome about catch-and-release shark fishing.  Anyone can do it and have fun!

I had not been to my shark spot in a couple of weeks, so I was very glad to see all my friends welcome me like a long-long cousin.  Once they starting taking our baits, everyone was hooked up.

The majority of the sharks – all lemons – today were well over the six-foot mark, with the biggest one we released easily going about seven and a half feet.

In just under four hours, they caught and released 12 lemon sharks.  Once back at the dock, the gang all agreed it was a fantastic experience that their sore arms won’t let them forget anytime soon!

SeaSquared Charters practices 100% catch-and-release shark fishing using non-harmful circle hooks.  All sharks are released unharmed.

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