Reef, Wreck and Bay Fish

The Florida Keys are well-known for abundant grouper, snapper, hogfish, cobia, pompano and more. Fun-fighting fish with tasty rewards on the table.

Jack crevalle, almaco jack, amberjack, cero, Spanish and king mackerel all provide angling entertainment and are excellent fare for the plate and the smoker and make an excellent base for Florida Keys smoked fish dip.


Pelagic hunters, such as dolphin, wahoo and tuna, cruise the offshore area of the Florida Keys in search of food. Many anglers agree there is nothing more magnificent than the flash of blue and gold of a bull or cow dolphin on the end of their line. Known to some as mahi-mahi, dolphin is a true Florida Keys delicacy. If you’re really lucky, you may net a delicious tripletail while fishing the blue waters!


If you are interested in pursuing huge billfish a la Ernest Hemingway, the Florida Keys is the place to be. Sailfish and swordfish are plentiful, and you may even encounter a marlin. All provide an exciting, hours-long battle between angler and fish.


Catch-and-release shark fishing provides all the exhilaration of big time sport fishing at a fraction of the cost. SeaSquared Charters primarily targets lemon, blacktip, spinner and bull sharks. Typically these range in length from three to eight feet. On occasion, we encounter tiger and hammerhead sharks, which can attain lengths upwards of fifteen feet and more. Regardless of size, all are endowed with the power to provide quite a thrill for the angler.   Toothy barracuda are often caught while shark fishing.


Anglers from around the world flock to the Florida Keys in pursuit of the Silver King, the mighty tarpon. The largest of these species migrate through during the spring and you’ll see dozens of boats targeting them at Middle Keys bridges on any given day.

Flats and Backcountry

The Florida Keys flats and backcountry of Everglades National Park are home to elusive bonefish, snook, permit, tarpon, seatrout and more. Sight fishing for these species is especially popular among fly fishermen.

Please see our Florida Keys Fishing Calendar for what you can expect to catch during the time of year you’ll be here.

SeaSquared Charters will hook you up with whatever species of Florida Keys fish you’d like to catch.

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