SeaSquared Charters will gladly pack and ship your fresh Florida Keys fish for you!

Avoid the airline expense of additional baggage. Or the hassle of keeping your cooler filled with ice during the long car ride home.

Whether you caught your fish on one of our boats or on another charter boat, we can handle the packing and shipping for you.


Pack and Ship Your Fish SeaSquared Charters Marathon Florida Keys


We use a professional grade FoodSaver vacuum seal machine to package your fillets in serving sizes appropriate for your family or group. We label the packages with the fish species and quantity of fillets and then freeze them.

When we are certain the packages are frozen rock solid, we transport them to our local Marathon UPS store.


Pack and Ship Your Fish SeaSquared Charters Marathon Florida Keys


Arno Silva and his fine crew then load the fish packages into their special double-layer boxes used for perishables. They include ice gel packs for additional insulation and protection.

The box is shipped via UPS overnight service and arrives on your doorstep the next day!

We provide this Fish Packing and Shipping Service for our charter customers and for anyone who has fish they'd like shipped home for them.

To keep your Florida Keys fish as fresh as the day you caught it, please follow our Fish Handling Tips.

Here’s how the pricing works:

Vacuum Seal, Freeze and Transport your Fish to the UPS Store
  • $80 for the first 40 pounds of filleted fish; $2 for each additional pound
Overnight UPS Shipping
  • Varies according to weight, package dimensions and destination

(Feel free to call the Marathon UPS Store for an estimate. They will need to know the number of pounds of fish and your destination zip code. Their phone number is 305-743-2005.)

Note: We can use your UPS or FedEx account, if you have one. Please call for details.

The real cost of a fresh Florida Keys fish dinner with family and friends when you get back home from your vacation?

P R I C E L E S S !

If you are not fishing with SeaSquared, please call in advance to arrange a time to drop your fish off.  Call Christy at 305-942-9214.

We invite you to join us for your own Marathon Florida Keys fishing vacation with SeaSquared Charters!

Capt. Chris and Christy Johnson
Owners/Operators, SeaSquared Charters

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