SeaSquared will smoke your fish and send it to you!

Capt. Chris has been a fan of smoked cheeses, smoked meats and smoked fish since he started hanging out with the elders at his hunting club back at the Jersey Shore. Those good ‘ol boys really know their way around a smoker!

For our first Christmas in Marathon Florida Keys, Christy bought Capt. Chris a Bradley electric smoker and there was no stopping him from that point on! We now have multiple smokers to handle your fish smoking needs.

Florida Keys Smoked Fish

Florida Keys Smoked Fish Company SeaSquared Charters Capt. Chris Johnson Marathon Florida KeysIf you are a connoisseur of smoked fish, then you will absolutely love the delicate, never-fishy flavor of the Florida Keys smoked fish that comes from our Bradley smokers!

What is unique about our smoked fish?
  • 100% Locally Sourced Sustainable Fish
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Naturally Gluten-Free
  • No Artificial Preservatives
  • No Sulfites, No Nitrates

From November through February or March, when the mackerel are bountiful, we are busy smoking kingfish, cero and Spanish mackerel. Year-round species include amberjack, almaco jack, bluefish, whole yellowtail snapper, dolphin (mahi-mahi), wahoo, cobia and more.

They all make the BEST base for the world-famous SeaSquared Smoked Fish Spread!

Smoked fish can also be flaked and eaten on crackers, either on its own or with a sauce to your taste liking. Or, if you’re like Capt. Jason, just break off a chunk and pop it in your mouth!

Our Technique

We slow-smoke our fish the old-fashioned way, using heat-generated smoke – NEVER fake liquid smoke – creating the very best-tasting all natural Florida Keys smoked fish you’ll ever have in your life! Depending on the fish we’re smoking, we use various flavor bisquettes. Maple, hickory, Pacific blend and apple are among our favorites.

Prior to smoking, the fish is cured for about 24 hours in our proprietary all-natural brine of water, salt, sugar and spices.

Once smoked, the fish is refrigerator cooled and then each portion is vacuum sealed to lock in the flavor.

We enjoy smoking fish for our customers, but will also gladly smoke fish you caught yourself or with another charter captain. If you plan to supply us with the fish, please make sure it is cleaned properly. Call us for instructions.

The smoked and packaged fish is mailed home to you via Flat Rate Priority Mail from the US Post Office. 

Here’s how the pricing works:

Your Fish Caught with SeaSquared
  • $5 per pound of wet filleted fish

Note: 5 pounds of wet fillets nets to about 3 pounds of smoked fish.

USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail
  • Varies from $13.45 to $18.75, depending on the size of the box required
Please call 305-942-9214 for pricing for smoking your fish NOT caught with SeaSquared, or for pre-packed smoked fish.

The real cost of fresh Florida Keys smoked fish to share with family and friends when you get back home from your vacation?

P R I C E L E S S !

We invite you to join us for your own Marathon Florida Keys fishing vacation with SeaSquared Charters!

Capt. Chris and Christy Johnson
Owners/Operators, SeaSquared Charters

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