Florida Keys cobia, snapper & grouper for Punta Gorda family

Captain’s Blog – June 16, 2010 – Punta Gorda family catches dinner in the Florida Keys!

We hear this a lot, “We brought our boat with us to the Keys, but we’re just not catching a lot of fish.” 

Well, fishing isn’t as simple as … drop a bait and they will come.  The subtleties of tides, currents, water temperature and seasons are unique to every venue.  Add to that the techniques for catching various local species that take a long time to  fine tune for success.  I don’t even need to mention the secret spots you won’t find on the charts in the tackle shops.

The Peters family brought their boat with them on their Keys vacation.  After a few days of moderate fishing success, they called SeaSquared Charters.  We took them to the reef for a half day of some of the best catching they’ve ever experienced.

Ron and Debra Peters, their son Conor and Conor’s friend Cody Peterson caught a bunch of yellowtail snapper, including Debra’s 25-incher and 2 nice cobia up to 15 pounds.   Cody topped off the day with a monster 20-pound black grouper!

Please don’t misunderstand.  Christy and I encourage boat owners to bring their vessels with them on their Florida Keys vacation.  And, if you don’t own a boat but are experienced on the water, why not rent one while you’re here?  We are fortunate to have an over-abundance of calm, crystal clear water.  Snorkel, dive, dock-and-dine, drop a line, cruise the islands.  Get out and enjoy it!

And, when you’re ready …. leave the catching to us!

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