Florida Keys Shark Adventure for family from Spain

Peter Akesson and his sons, Oliver (14) and Alex (10) enjoyed a Florida Keys Shark Fishing Adventure during their extended vacation in Florida and the Keys.

Marathon Florida Keys Shark Fishing Report – Captain Chris Johnson, SeaSquared Charters – August 22, 2010 

Dolphin excursion in Key West one day …. shark fishing adventure in Marathon the next.  What a great Florida Keys vacation for Peter and his boys!

I took them to one of my favorite lemon shark spots in the bay to the north of Bahia Honda.  We had plenty of sharks swarming around the boat but, for some reason, they were a tad picky today.  I’ve had this happen before following a strong thunder and lightning storm during the night.  Perhaps the weather has as much effect on the sharks as it does on us.

At any rate, Oliver and Alex landed both of the sharks they were able to hook.  And they were both a very nice size – 6 1/2 feet and 7 feet.  They brought them to the boat like pros, where we released them unharmed to fight another day.



The Akessons continued their Florida vacation in Orlando.  Upon returning home to Spain, Peter sent us an email with a few pictures from their shark fishing adventure and these comments:

“Hope you are well. We have now returned to Spain and the kids continue to talk about the shark fishing experience with all their friends.

The fishing tour scored much higher than Mouse land, Universal, Epcot and all the theme parks combined!

We have a long list of friends wanting to do the same thing in the near future and you can be sure you have three active marketing resources available in Spain!”

Thank you, Peter.  We’re looking forward to hosting your friends and having you back on the SeaSquared the next time you’re in the states!


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