Florida Keys shark fishing adventure for Campbell family from VA

Florida Keys Shark Adventure – Captain Chris Johnson, SeaSquared Charters – August 11, 2010

Faron, Kathy and 14-year-old Brandon Campbell, from Bumpass VA, included a shark fishing adventure with SeaSquared Charters as part of their Florida Keys summer vacation.

We hit one of my go-to spots on the bayside of Bahia Honda State Park, put the bait in the water, and the sharks started swarming as if on cue.  They must have greased up their mouths, though, because 5 of them spit the circle hook before the anglers could land them.  The 6th lemon shark was not quite so lucky.  He made it to the boat for his photo opp!

SeaSquared Charters practices 100% catch-and-release shark fishing using circle hooks and Baker HookOut Tools.  All sharks are released unharmed.


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