Forecast: excellent snapper fishing!

CBS4 Miami meteorologist, Jeff Berardelli, his dad, Richard from NJ, and cameraman Kyle Hall, spent a half day shooting a segment for Jeff’s Aquatic Adventures series.

Jeff had scheduled a few trips with us, only to have the weather put the kibosh on our plans.  I guess even the weather guy has weather issues.

Richard is an energetic guy who lives not far from New York City and has done a lot of fishing in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn.  Jeff grew up in that area and has also put in a lot of time on charter boats and head boats.  They both know their way around the deck of a fishing vessel.

We finally got out to the reef today, and one of my favorite snapper spots was kind to us.  The guys landed several large, four-pound mangrove snapper.  They threw back a ton of just shy of legal yellowtails.

Jeff was so enthralled with the mass of snapper in our chum slick, he wanted to get some underwater shots …

A native of Pennsylvania, Kyle was a newbie to fishing the Florida Keys.  Even he got a yellowtail, although it had to be sent back.

Our deckhand, Jason Bell, and I joined in the fun too.  I dropped a legal snapper to the bottom in the hopes of landing a grouper.  What I hooked instead was a ten-foot lemon shark!  That sucker wrestled with me for nearly an hour before we released it.  Whew!  Way more than any of us bargained for on a snapper trip to the reef!

Our Aquatic Adventures segment will air in the next few weeks, and we’ll post a link to the video on Jeff’s Blog.

Christy, Jason and I would like to thank Jeff and Richard for a fun morning of fishing.  And Kyle for getting the whole thing on video.

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