Four anglers + 20 sharks = tons of fun!

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We hear it a lot … “We want to pull on something big!”

Gary and Kevin Kohl, their dad Ron, and friend Tom Orr had their wishes fulfilled with their Florida Keys shark fishing adventure aboard the SeaSquared.

The shark fishing at my favorite spot has been red-hot lately.  And, today was no different.  We had sharks swarming around the boat as we were anchoring up, and we had the first fish on in less than five minutes of the bait hitting the water.

The sharks fed aggressively, with multiple fish chasing the baits up the line five or six times.  The guys were doubled up at all times during the three-plus hours of fishing. 

At the end of the day, each angler had wrangled five sharks …. for a total of 19 lemons from four to six feet and one angry seven-foot bull shark that Kevin successfully brought to the boat.  His arm was so sore, he couldn’t hold it up for the group photo at the end of the day!

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