Group returns for shark wrangling adventure

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Last night’s tarpon fishing group returned today to test their skills with some toothy sharks.

Loaded up with plenty of oily, stinky fish carcasses, aka shark candy, we set course for Shark Central.  As if they heard the dinner bell, the sharks came swarming to the boat.  Keep in mind, we shark fish in about four feet of crystal clear water, so you see all the underwater action as if you were in an aquarium.

Unlike tarpon fishing, where there’s typically a lot of waiting for a few bites, shark fishing jumps into gear rather quickly and provides non-stop action until it’s time to head back to the dock.

Today was no exception.  Each angler hooked many sharks and landed at two, for a total of 12 lemon sharks from five to seven feet in length.

Click here for more information about SeaSquared Charters Florida Keys Shark Fishing Adventures.

The crew included: Michael Johnston, from Lockport NY, and his kids Kasey and Micheal, along with Ted and Michelle Szarzanowicz, from Buffalo NY, and their daughter Amanda.

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