Hellooooo Groupers! I have missed you!

Captain’s Blog – May 1, 2010 – Welcome back old friends!

Grouper season opened today and Team SeaSquared celebrated by fishing in the inaugural Florida Keys Grouper Tournament.  Our team included Gigi and John Harrison, owners of Dot Palm Landscaping, and Jason Bell of the Blue Magic Charters family. 

When we decided to fish the tournament, we intended to enter both the angler and spearfish division.  On Friday evening, however, we changed our mind thanks to the weather prediction for Saturday and entered just the angler division.  Sure glad we did ’cause it was sporty out there!

I had my strategy set once I heard the weather forecast, and it worked perfectly.  Upon leaving the marina, we hit one of my pinfish traps on the gulf side of Marathon and then continued east and crossed over to the ocean side at Vaca Cut.  We cruised down the reef and hit 11 of my favorite spots. 

We caught grouper on every single spot!

Some were too small.  Some were too big.  But a few were just right!

We ended up keeping two red groupers and one gag.  We won the gag group in the angler division with the 6.11 pounder caught by Jason.  Gigi’s red was in the running until Capt. Mike Biffel brought in a bigger one.  Her victory was fun while it lasted.

Fat Buoyz offered a cook-your-catch special of $10.95.  John and Gigi treated Christy and me to a sumptuous dinner of fresh caught grouper and snapper.

I will have a separate post with the complete results of the Florida Keys Grouper Tournament.  Stay tuned!

Based on the action we saw today, there’s certainly some awesome grouper catching out there!  If you’d like to get in on this fishing, please call to book at charter with SeaSquared.  305.743.5305.  Hope to hear from you soon!

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