Hook, line and dinner for the Rohe clan!

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The Rohe family, from Palos Heights IL, had a blast doing dinner and a show Florida Keys style!

Don and Tracy Rohe and their young girls, Meghan (10), Kaitlin (8) and Jillian (5), battled sharks and then caught mangrove snapper for dinner.

When Don booked this trip a few weeks ago, he wanted assurance they would catch sharks.  After a couple of delays of game due to summer weather troubles, we got out today and they did just that!

What Don didn’t count on was the size of the sharks they caught!  He had bargained for some five-footers, not the seven-foot bruisers we had today.

The first lemon we hooked and landed had a research tag in its dorsal fin.  We think it was one we tagged about a year ago with Ph.D Student and Research Assistant, Austin Gallagher, to participate in his shark research with the RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program at the University of Miami Rosensteil School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS).

We went on to land three more lemons and a nurse shark before switching gears to do some mangrove snapper fishing.

Along with the mangroves, we caught a bunch of ladyfish.  Good jumpers, very entertaining and excellent shark bait!

SeaSquared Charters practices 100% catch-and-release shark fishing using non-harmful circle hooks.  All sharks are released unharmed.

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