It’s all about the kids!

The Allieri and Kushel families met at Tranquility Bay Resort and came up with the idea to go fishing.  After a quick Internet search, they found SeaSquared Charters and gave us a call!

The crew consisted of Paul Allieri and his kids, Stephanie and Abby, from Boonton Twp. NJ, and Glenn Kushel and his offspring, Olivia and Kyle, from Atlanta.

Jason and I took them to the patch reefs in about 35 feet of water and they set to catching right off the bat.  The two dads did more watching than fishing.  All the kids caught their fair share of yellowtail snapper and each one was a winner.

Olivia caught the first fish.  Stephanie caught the most fish.  Abby caught the biggest fish.  And, Kyle caught the coolest fish, a Spanish mackerel …

The two families enjoyed their catch cooked at Porky’s in Marathon …

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Capt. Chris and Christy Johnson
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Marathon Florida Keys

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