Jersey boys chase ‘tail in the Florida Keys

Mark Mohwinkle and George Kicak, regular Marathon visitors from the Jersey Shore, squeezed in some fishing during Fantasy Fest weekend.

Marathon Florida Keys Fishing Report – Captain Chris Johnson, SeaSquared Charters – October 30, 2010

Mark and George have been fishing with SeaSquared Charters for many years now.  They hail from the same area of the Jersey Shore that Christy and I came from, although we did not know them up there.  Small world, the Florida Keys.

Mark and George are always up for just about any type of fishing, but they especially enjoy fishing the reef for snapper and grouper.  So, that’s exactly where we went.  They caught 13 yellowtail snapper – all flags, with the largest ones at 24″ – along with a beautiful 10-pound mutton snapper.

Enjoy your good eats, guys.  See you next time!

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