Lee and David bag a limit of grouper

Great friends and travel companions Lee and Ivonne Curcio, from Sugarland TX, and David and Lupe Cooke, from Warren NJ, spent a long weekend in Marathon Florida Keys.

The couples stayed at Gulfview Waterfront Resort in the Grassy Key section of Marathon and were set for two days of fishing on the SeaSquared.

We targeted snapper and grouper for their first trip.

Excited by the reopening of grouper season, we headed straight out to one of my favorite reef spots – a spot where I’ve been catching and releasing grouper since the January 1st closing of the season.  It didn’t take long for Lee to put a nice 15-pound black grouper in the box. 

Conditions were flat calm with a slow roll and – as sometimes happens – the slow roll took its toll on the ladies.  A quick run back to the dock to let them off and Lee, David and I were back to the reef for more fishing.

We went to one of my snapper spots to get some yellowtail.  There was plenty of current, but the super clean, clear water made the always line-shy yellowtails very wary.  The guys managed to catch two ‘tails along with a seven-pound mutton snapper.  Another 15-pound black grouper and the guys were almost out of beer.  Time to call it a day! 

Back at the dock, Ivonne proudly posed with one of the grouper!

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