Lobster Mini Season, Day 2

Great day with great friends!

On board for Day 2 of Lobster Mini Season 2011 were our friends, Michelle Franklin, Johnny Maddox, Skip and Deb Bradshaw, Chris Babiana, my deckhand, Jason Bell, and his brother, Alex.

We first headed for my A-Number One spot where we caught our limit yesterday only to have another boat get there just seconds before us.  Oh well.  Move on.

We hit a few more spots and had 25 good size bugs in the live well by noon.

Plenty for a feast expertly prepared for us by Skip and Deb at the dock next to their schooner, the Pirate’s Lady.



Jason also shot a couple of lionfish.  If you’re not aware, lionfish are a non-native species that has invaded the Florida Keys waters, threatening the balance of the delicate coral ecosystem.  There is a large and growing effort to eradicate the lionfish, and REEF hosts Lionfish Derbies to collect as many fish as possible.

Schooner Pirate’s Lady

Whether you live in Marathon or vacation here, a sailing trip aboard the Pirate’s Lady is a real treat.  She’s a 71-foot gaff-rigged Trade Rover Schooner.

Captains Skip and Deb Bradshaw host afternoon sails and sunset sails.  They’re located at Pancho’s Fuel Dock, just down the street from Castaway Waterfront Restaurant.  Check them out!

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