Marathon Florida Keys Fishing Report – The jig is up!

Captain Chris Johnson, SeaSquared Charters, Marathon Florida Keys

I took a half day off for some fun fishing with my lovely wife, Christy, friends Liz and Paul Dake, and SeaSquared regular, Jim Sollecito.  

We went to one of my not-so-secluded secret snapper spots at the Seven Mile Bridge and really loaded up.  We kept our legal limit of good size mangrove snapper, but boated over 210 fish.  For fun, Jim kept track of how many snapper he could catch on a single SeaSquared jig, and that magical number was 78 before a mackerel decided to have a lead lunch and the lure was lost.

After I filleted our catch, we all headed to Porky’s Bayside BarBQue, where a healthy feast fit for Kings was consumed.  Plans are in the making for another outing in February.

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