Lots of good eats caught on the patches by Felice father-and-son

Captian’s Blog – March 7, 2010 – Marathon Florida Keys – Fred Felice returned for a second trip with me and brought along his son, Rick from Arlington VA.

We hit the patch reefs and put together a nice catch of mangrove, lane, mutton and yellowtail snapper, Spanish mackerel and yummy hogfish. Also got a few grouper we had to throw back.

The highlight of the day was the lovely 8-pound tripletail I spotted sitting next to a lobster trap buoy! Can’t wait til dolphin season to put lots more of these babies in the boat!

In all, the Felice family had quite a Florida Keys fresh fish feast. Species such as hogfish and tripletail (if you can find it) top out restaurant menus at $30/plate and higher. A very handsome return on the investment of a half day fishing charter with SeaSquared!

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