Marathon sharkathon for the Rohrbach family!

This trip is proof positive of the universal appeal of shallow-water catch-and-release shark fishing in the Florida Keys!

Paul Rohrbach and his family – wife Kym and sons Matthew and Michael – came to Marathon from Copley OH and stayed in a tidy vacation rental house in Key Colony Beach.  The day Christy called to confirm their departure time for their Shark Fishing Adventure, they were lounging with some cold adult beverages at the pool at the Cabana Club.

Nice start to their vacation in Paradise!

Today, Jason and I took them to our favorite shark hunting grounds, aka the Johnson Shark Aquarium.

Mind you, these folks had never fished before.

During the course of their four-hour adventure, they caught and released 22 large sharks – mostly lemon sharks to about eight feet in length – with a couple of nurse sharks thrown in just for fun.

I think they had as much fun watching the sharks in their natural environment as they did actually fighting and landing them.

Of course, seeing large toothy critters right next to the boat is quite a thrill!

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