Mom said she wanted her boys to bend some rods (includes underwater video)

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Kristin and Chris Neuman, from Waxhaw NC, had a great afternoon of shark fishing with their sons Josh, 11, and Daniel, 9.

Since I had a shark trip this morning, my pets were ready and raring to go when I got back out to my favorite spot.  Even a few huge bull sharks had joined the party.

The carcasses I left behind less than an hour prior were picked clean, so I dumped some more overboard and they dove on them with abandon. 

As so often happens, the only girl in the crew caught the largest and the most aggressive fish.  Among the three sharks Kristin landed were an eight-foot lemon and the only blacktip of the day.  Chris and Josh each landed three lemons, and Daniel rounded out the day with two more.

Sore arms all around when the crew headed back to their resort!

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Chris Babiana of Florida Keys Offshore Media was along on the trip and shot this awesome underwater footage …

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