Monster amberjack for 10 year-old from the UK!

During a four-week holiday in Marathon Florida Keys, Dr. Michael Scott treated his son, Luke, to a day of fishing with SeaSquared Charters.

The goal for today was to raise some sailfish.  A couple of hours into it with no action, we decided to change strategy and head to the wrecks.  Just as we  were moving on, a sail free-jumped right at the side of the boat!  No landing, but Mike and Luke at least got to see one up close.

We dropped on a wreck and the guys caught two very large mutton snapper.  I then noticed a strained look on Luke’s face indicating he had something really big on his line.  He did a great job wrestling the beast to the boat and only needed a little assistance at the end, when he was rewarded with an 80-pound amberjack!


To finish off the day, we stopped on a patch reef and added porgy to the day’s catch.

The amberjack will be smoked and packaged for the Scott family to enjoy back home in Cranleigh England.

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    Way to go Luke! Amberjack are tough fighters, and most men have a tough time bringing one in. Obviously these brutes are no match for you!

    Congratulations and hope you return to fish another time!

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