More first-timers to Florida Keys, the Espinoza family, from Scotch Plains NJ, caught so much fish we had to ship some home for them!

The family stayed at Tranquility Bay Resort.  Manny and his sons, Manny Jr. and Alejandro, went fishing while his wife and daughter spent the afternoon at Bahia Honda Beach.

They were novice anglers and the reef has been a bit bumpy thanks to a tropical system that rolled through the Keys, so we fished in one of my favorite spots near the Seven Mile Bridge.  I say it’s one of my favorites because my anglers – even the youngest – always stay busy with their rods bent and come back to the dock with plenty of delicious Florida Keys fish for dinner.

Today was no different.  We caught a few mangrove snapper but the fish of the day was porgy!  The Espinoza crew caught at least 35 porgy and threw back another 35 or so.

If you’re not familiar with porgy, it is one of the most mild and delicious fish the Keys have to offer.  I compare it to the prized hogfish for table fare.  I hope the Espinozas like their porgy because they have a lot of it to eat!

Capt. Chris Johnson
SeaSquared Charters
Marathon Florida Keys

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  1. Manny Espinoza Sr.
    | Reply

    It was a Great trip indeed, Capt. Chris!!! The Boys and I can’t thank you enough!!! Looking forward to going back and hopefully we’ll get to do that reef fishing.

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