Scott got his cobia!

Marathon Florida Keys Fishing Report, Capt. Chris Johnson, SeaSquared Charters, April 12, 2011

When Scott Davis booked his trip, he told us all he wanted to catch was a cobia since he had never gotten one.

In the water, cobia look very much like sharks.  The usual color is brown or dark gray above, whitish on the underside, with a dark stripe running from gills to base of the tail.  The striped appearance is more vivid in juveniles.  Several rather shark finlets on the dorsal surface extend from behind the head to the dorsal fin.

Because of their migration patterns and preferred habitat, cobia are not as easy to target as snapper and grouper.  They are wreck and artificial reef dwellers and tend to escort wandering rays.  More often than not, it’s a matter of chance in catching cobia.

Chance was on our side for Scott’s trip with his wife, Pat, and daughter and son-in-law, Sheryl and James Kohl.  The Maryland anglers were busy putting a nice yellowtail and mangrove snapper catch together when a handful of cobia showed at the boat.  Eureka!  I scrambled to grab the proper rod and bait to get it to the fish before they moved off.  One of them took the bait, I set the hook and handed the rod to Scott.  He fought the fish for a bit and brought it close enough to the boat that I could get the landing net under it.  Before it knew what hit it, the cobia was on the deck and then in the fish box. 

It wasn’t the largest cobia ever caught on the SeaSquared, but I sure was pleased to deliver on Scott’s request!

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