Shark fishing adventure for father-son from Jersey

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Bull and lemon sharks kept them busy!

The first shark to take a bait today was a young bull.  We primarily get lemon sharks, with the occasional bull and blacktip, so I was really pleased to see this guy show up today.

It gave Daniel a good 30-minute fight before coming to the boat for its photo opp.

The guys went on to catch four more lemons for a great morning of father-son bonding!

Anglers: Anthony and Daniel Naples, from Branchburg NJ

Charter Type: 4-hour Shark Fishing Adventure

Fishing Venue: Florida Bay

Species Caught: 1 bull and 4 lemon sharks

SeaSquared Charters practices 100% catch-and-release shark fishing using non-harmful circle hooks.  All sharks are released unharmed.

Shallow water shark fishing is an exhilarating experience for all ages and abilities.  The SeaSquared has hosted shark wranglers from 6 to 90!

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