Shark Fishing with SeaSquared part of bucket list vacation package with Little Palm Island

Reprint from Gadling.  Story by Melanie Nayer.

Little Palm Island’s Vacation of a Lifetime

There once was a man from Nantucket, whose dreams were a list for the bucket. He saved and he saved and plans he made, until it came time to toss his budget. How much did he save? $25,900. Where did he go? He left Nantucket… and headed straight down the Atlantic to Little Palm Island.

The little island that could just off the coast of the Florida Keys put together a “Carpe Diem” getaway that recognizes the empowerment of bucket lists, and offers travelers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that includes:

  • Five nights in the Island Grand Suite
  • Roundtrip private jet service to Marathon airport
  • Sky Diving trip where guests will make a tandem skydive from two miles high over the incredible Florida Keys
  • Four-hour Shark Fishing adventure where guests will primarily target lemon, blacktip, spinner and bull sharks of up to eight feet.
  • In-water Madrugada massage where guests wade through the Caribbean waters to a private area where they receive a customized massage surrounded by the ocean.
  • Private Island picnic where guests will be flown on a Cessna 206 Amphibious Seaplane to a private island for the ultimate three hour getaway.
  • One Day SCUBA Resort Course where guests will experience a two-hour pool-side lesson with a certified SCUBA instructor followed by an underwater exploration of Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary with the instructor guiding the way.
  • Private Chef’s Table dinner where Chef Luis Pous attends personally to the couple, preparing and presenting a five-course tasting menu paired with the chef’s selection of wine
  • Full gourmet breakfast, up to three courses for lunch, up to four courses for dinner and non alcoholic beverages daily.

This “Carpe Diem” package is priced starting at $25,900, double occupancy, from now until December 20, 2010 and is inclusive of tax and service.


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