Shark wrangling excitement for fishing buddies from Minnesota

Glen said he and his pals had been catching small yellowtail snapper all week and they wanted to pull on something big before heading back to Two Harbors Minnesota. 

So … off to the land of big toothy critters we went!  Glen Kragseth, Robert Johnson and Chris Brelie had the time of their lives wrangling sharks in four feet of crystal clear water on the bayside of Marathon Florida Keys. 

We got to my favorite spot just 10 minutes from my dock at the 7 Mile Marina, put the bait in the water and in no time at all we had the lemon sharks swarming around the boat.  They were so aggressive they would chase the baits up the line and we’d have two or three lemons vying for the same bait.  This caused a few bite-offs.

Nevertheless, Glen, Robert and Chris went 11 for 20 on lemon sharks ranging from five to seven feet in length, or as Chris said, “Super large sharks!”

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