Marathon Florida Keys Fishing Report, Capt. Chris Johnson, SeaSquared Charters, April 9, 2011

David and Carolyn Gille, from Stuart FL, brought their four kids, ranging in age from 12 to 23, to Bahia Honda State Park for some quality family time.  As if camping didn’t bring them close enough together, the six of them hopped aboard the SeaSquared for a Florida Keys shark fishing adventure.

I went to my favorite sharking spot in the bay.  The chum in the water acted like a dinner bell, and the sharks quickly come a-swarming!  Before we could get the first bait in the water we had more than a dozen toothy critters swimming around the boat.

During the course of our four-hour adventure, each of the kids – Matthew, Justin, Michelle and Ryan – caught and released three sharks, while Mom and Dad each got one.  A total of 13 lemon sharks and one blacktip shark visited the side of the boat today.  The lemons ranged from 4 1/2 to 7 feet, and the blacktip was about 5 feet long.

Michelle’s birthday was just two days prior so I was glad to see she caught as many sharks as each of her three brothers.  Twleve-year-old Ryan caught three sharks on one bait, giving him quite the show and a real run for his money.  He decided he’d like to come back and do this shark fishing thing again for his birthday!

If you follow our fishing reports, you know we entertain a lot of families on the SeaSquared, and we love them all.  I must say, however, I don’t always see four siblings who get along as well and have as much fun together as the Gille kids do.

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