Tampa family nets snapper, grouper & amberjack in more awesome Florida Keys fishing

Captain’s Blog – May 27, 2010 – Marathon Florida Keys – Tampa resident and repeat SeaSquared client, Doug Richards, treated his daughters to some great Florida Keys fishing!

Doug booked a full day charter so we had plenty of time to target multiple species.  With 3 teenage girls on board, we chose the hot reef action vs. dolphin hunting.

Doug and the girls caught a haul of snappers – yellowtail from 14″ to 20″, mangrove and lane.  If it weren’t for the sharks, they would have had their limit. 

Doug caught a few keeper size amberjack and took a 30-pounder back to the dock. 

They also caught a keeper 24″ red grouper and released a small black grouper along with a couple of Goliath grouper.  We tagged and released 2 cobia for the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Research project.  It’s always a treat to get your tag report back somewhere down the road to find out where that cobia ended up and how big it got.  Bonito and rainbow runners completed the visit to the Florida Keys aquarium!

I always enjoy welcoming repeat customers like Doug back on the SeaSquared.  This trip was especially fun for me because he brought his teenage daughters, Tiffany and Marie, and their friend, Alexis James. 

We’re just entering the summer season where we see lots of families on the SeaSquared and we love it! 

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