These grad students had to go back to school to get their fish

No sharks, but plenty of good eating fish for this group of friends.

It took two trips for University of Miami grad students, Shane Hoffos, Josie Torres, Richard Seemungal, Alex Alvarez, Brett Harbin and Michael Quagliato to get their catch.

They booked for a shark trip on Tuesday, so we headed out to my spot in Florida Bay.  My worst fears came true when I saw the heavy rains over the weekend had turned the water green … and turned the sharks off the bite.  We saw several around the boat and stuck it out for awhile, but couldn’t get a single one to take a bait.

So, I offered a second trip to the group for today.  We headed back out to the Bay, but to my snapper spots this time.  The crew put together a nice catch of 23 mangrove and yellowtail snapper, a gorgeous 15-inch hogfish, a delicious porgy and a couple of cero mackerel.

Two trips for the price of one = lots of fish for hungry grad students!

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