With the exception of Offshore Fishing, all of these fishing venues are a short, enjoyable ride from the dock, allowing for the majority of your charter time to be spent fishing.

SeaSquared Charters is located at the iconic Faro Blanco Resort and Yacht Club at the Hyatt Place in Marathon Florida Keys
Dolphin fishing in Marathon Florida Keys with SeaSquared Charters

Offshore Fishing

Offshore fishing in Marathon Florida Keys targets pelagic game fish such as dolphin, wahoo and tuna. Marathon deep sea fishing offers hard-fighting fish to challenge even the most hard-core anglers!

Much of this fishing is done in the Gulf Stream, which wobbles offshore of Marathon anywhere from 10 to 30 miles.

Because of the distance we have to travel - anywhere from 15 to 30-plus miles - an offshore fishing trip requires a minimum of a three-quarter day. 


Reef and wreck fishing in Marathon Florida Keys with SeaSquared Charters

Reef and Wreck Fishing

Marathon Florida Keys reef and wreck fishing with Captain Chris Johnson and SeaSquared Charters targets grouper, snapper, mackerel, amberjack, cobia, permit and various other species.

This fishing takes place year round and is always enjoyable and challenging for experienced anglers as well as juniors and novices. The beauty of North America’s only living coral reef adds to the enjoyment of fishing the Florida Keys. 

Reef and wreck fishing can be accomplished in a half, three-quarter or full day trip.  The longer you're out there, the more spots you get to fish.

Sailfish fishing in Marathon Florida Keys with SeaSquared Charters

Sailfish Fishing

One of the most sought after game fish in the Florida Keys, sailfish are found in shallower Atlantic areas anywhere from 20 to 200 feet. They seem to prefer areas where coral reefs mingle with ocean water.

Sailfish are constantly on the move searching for food.  Therefore, we have to allow time to look for them, so you need at least a three-quarter day trip for successful sailfish fishing. 

Gulf of Mexico and Florida Bay fishing in Marathon Florida Keys with SeaSquared Charters

Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and Florida Bay

In the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and Florida Bay off Marathon Florida Keys, SeaSquared Charters fishes the wrecks and rough bottom areas for snapper, grouper, mackerel, cobia, seatrout and permit.

The more shallow areas in Florida Bay are ideal for fishing on days when the breeze makes the Atlantic reef waters a tad bumpy. There are always abundant snapper of all variety, plus numerous other good-eating species, and it’s an excellent option for families!

As with reef and wreck fishing, gulf and bay fishing can be accomplished in a half, three-quarter or full day trip.  The longer you're out there, the more spots you get to fish. 

Shark fishing in Marathon Florida Keys with SeaSquared Charters

Shark Fishing

The sandy flats and grassy areas in Florida Bay are ground zero for SeaSquared Charters Florida Keys Shark Fishing Adventures.

Shallow-water angling for sharks not only provides a good arm wrestle, but anglers have the opportunity to observe sharks interacting with each other in their natural environment.  These trips are very family-friendly and fun for anglers of all ages and abilities. 

Our shark fishing techniques vary summer vs. winter due to the difference in water temperature and the venue we fish.  During the summer when we fish in Florida Bay, we time our trips according to the tide.  In the winter, we fish for sharks at near-shore areas such as bridges and grassy flats and can go any time of the day.

SeaSquared Charters practices 100% catch-and-release shark fishing.  All sharks are released unharmed.

Shark fishing trips are typically four hours.  Or, you can add some snapper fishing for a six-hour trip we call Dinner and a Show. 

Tarpon fishing in Marathon Florida Keys with SeaSquared Charters

Tarpon Fishing

The bridges of the Florida Keys are home to excellent tarpon fishing.

Anglers from around the globe flock to Marathon Florida Keys every spring to test their skills with the Silver King, one of the most sought after of all the Florida Keys game fish.

We fish for tarpon primarily at Bahia Honda Bridge.  It is our experience that the tarpon population at Bahia Honda is robust and will feed throughout the day and evening.

Tarpon trips are four hours, and we fish three times a day: 7 to11 am, 11:30 to 3:30 and 4 to 8 pm.  

Family fishing in Marathon Florida Keys with SeaSquared Charters

Family Fishing

We at SeaSquared Charters pride ourselves in our family fun fishing trips. Our crews provide a highly interactive experience where anglers learn all about the fish they’re catching as well as the unique aspects of our coral reef system.

Never fished before or not often? No worries. We will teach you how to catch fish and have fun doing it. We don’t do the fishing for you. We figure you’re paying for the experience and should be the one holding the rod and reel. We will coach you for greatest success. And, our patience is boundless.

An excellent option for a family fun fishing trip is to one of our near-shore venues, such as the reef, Hawk Channel or the bay, where you will catch a wide variety of species and bring home a bunch of fish to enjoy during your stay or have shipped back home for you. Typically, a half day (four hours) is plenty of time for everyone to get in on the action. However, if you feel you’d like a longer trip, that’s fine with us.

Family fun day in Marathon Florida Keys with SeaSquared Charters

Family Fun Day

Want to get out on the water and mix it up a bit? No problem! Opt for one of our Family Fun Days. A little bit of fishing, followed by a little bit of exploring the shallows of Molasses Key, just a quarter mile from the Seven Mile Bridge. We anchor up on a sand flat, and you hop out of the boat to wade and splash around in the warm waters, with an eye out for starfish and small rays.

This is a great option for families with very small children whose attention span is limited to a short amount of fishing, or for adults who’d like to enjoy an in-water cocktail to top off their fishing trip. We highly recommend water shoes to protect your feet from the small pieces of coral and shell present.

SeaSquared also offers Private, Custom Boat Tours and Excursions!

Float 'N Fun Trips, Bar Hops, Sightseeing Tours, Sunset Cruises, Snorkel Trips

Looking to get out on the water, but not interested in fishing?

SeaSquared Charters offers many options, and we will customize your trip to fulfill your desires.  Sightseeing, snorkeling, swimming, floating, touring - you dream it and we will make it happen.