Wanted macks, settled for hogs

Day two for the Deelsnyder family from Leesburg VA.

The goal for the day was to slay the kings … king mackerel, that is.  But, with the cold front nipping at our heels, we didn’t last long on the reef.  We had a couple of bites and lost one king just inches from the boat and another to a toothy barracuda.

So, we headed in to Hawk Channel to look for more dinner fare.  The Deelsnyders had never tasted hogfish, so we made them our primary target.  They caught 10 and kept six, which they dined on at Castaway Waterfront Restaurant.

The also caught a couple of Spanish mackerel and released red and black grouper.

The Deelsnyder family had a third trip planned but, unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans.

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