Wild blue adventure!

Marathon Florida Keys Fishing Report, Capt. Chris Johnson, SeaSquared Charters, April 13, 2011

Our crew consisted of the Alaskan Cowboy Eric Wickre, his pal William Nelson, proprietor of Porky’s and Captain Pip’s Johnny Maddox, Pirate of the Marquesas and diver extraordinaire JR Jones and Co-Publisher of the Santa Barbara CA edition of Coastal Angler Magazine Marc Freeman.

It was the perfect group to take on an exploration of the wild blue yonder in the Gulf of Mexico 50 miles from my dock at the 7 Mile Marina in Marathon.

Our first stop was the famous Blue Hole, which JR had been Jonesing to dive all his life.  He came back to the boat from his first plunge with his eyes bulging with excitement at the size and variety of fish he saw.  Permit, grouper, hundreds of 80- to 100-pound tarpon and dozens of enormous Goliath grouper.  We’re talking 500- to 600-pound behemoths.  These monsters will eat a diver just as easily as a fish!

Once JR had his fill, we moved on to a fish a couple of wrecks where the permit were thick.  Eric, William and Marc each landed their first permit – all in the 20- to 30-pound class.

The weather was beautiful, the crew was top-notch and we all had a blast.  Especially the Captain.

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