Yellowtails, grouper, kingfish for NY/Vegas trio

Captain’s Blog – May 18, 2010 – The Rosenberg/Silverman group weren’t sure what they were in for.

When Larry Rosenberg booked his charter a couple of months ago, he asked how he should practice for his day of angling on the SeaSquared.  How do you answer that question when you just never know what you might target this time of year?  Could be dolphin and tuna offshore, cobia, grouper and permit in the Gulf or snapper and grouper on the reef and wrecks.

Larry and his wife Kim, from Las Vegas, and Larry’s sister, Susan Silverman from New York, showed up at the boat full of anticipation …. for what, they weren’t sure.  The winds had calmed and they wanted lots of good-eating fish, so we headed to the reef off Marathon for snapper and grouper.

I knew it was going to be a good day when our first bite was the 12-pound black grouper that Susan landed.  Lots of yellowtail followed, and we kept about 20 in the 18- to 22-inch class.  We also kept a nice kingfish. 

We tagged and released two cobia for the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Research project.  It’s always a treat to get your tag report back somewhere down the road to find out where that cobia ended up and how big it got. 

We released another small black grouper along with an 18-pound Nassau.  The bull sharks were a nuisance (although I love ’em on our sharking adventures!).

Please note: our waters are clean, oil-free and open to fishing.  If you have any questions about the possible impact of the oil spill on the Florida Keys, please call us directly rather than succumb to the media hysteria.

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