When you fish with SeaSquared Charters, you keep all the legal fish you catch!

Your Catch with SeaSquared Charters Marathon Florida KeysOnce you’re back at the dock, your Captain will clean and fillet your fish for you while you chill out with a cold beverage. He will pack it in food storage bags that you can transport easily. It’s a good idea to have a cooler waiting in your car, and you can purchase a bag of ice at the convenience store across the street. We recommend dining on your fish at the peak of its freshness.


Cook Your Catch SeaSquared Charters Marathon Florida KeysYou may choose to relax and enjoy Cook-Your-Catch at one of Marathon’s fine restaurants. Choose one of SeaSquared Friends and Favorites dining establishments to have your catch cooked for you. Each restaurant offers its special style of preparing your fish, and all are happy to cook it in a variety of ways and serve it family-style.

At the end of your trip, you will receive our special “Cook-Your-Catch” card. Take it to one of the restaurants and present it to your server. Not only will you have an outstanding meal of fresh Florida Keys fish that you caught yourself, but you will receive something special as a thank-you for fishing with SeaSquared Charters.


Baked Hogfish Old Bay Compound Butter Recipe SeaSquared Charters Marathon Florida KeysOr, if you’re staying in a rental house or condo with a kitchen, you may prefer to use some of our Favorite Recipes to prepare your fish yourself.

Either way, a meal of fresh-caught fish is the perfect ending to another perfect Marathon Florida Keys day!

Click here for our Favorite Recipes

Fish Handling Tips

Fish Handling Tips SeaSquared Charters Marathon Florida KeysKeep your fish as fresh as the day you caught it!

If you are going to eat your fish within a couple of days of catching it, keep it refrigerated in the packaging provided by your Captain. When you are ready to cook it, give it a quick rinse in cold tap water and pat it completely dry with paper towels.

If, instead, you are going to freeze it, DO NOT rinse it, but pat dry and place in a clean, airtight plastic storage bag or, preferably, vacuum seal it.

It is very important not to get fresh water on salt water fish that you are going to freeze as it breaks down the tissue which gives the meat a mushy texture.

To transport your fish back home, wrap the frozen package in newspaper for insulation, place the package in another waterproof bag (such as a plastic grocery bag), place in a soft cooler with freezer packs and just carry it on the plane!