18 Sharks for 3 Jersey Guys!

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If you’ve been reading our posts, this is beginning to sound like a broken record!  Catch-and-release shark fishing is on fire!

George Kicak, from Lakewood NJ, has been fishing with us since we started chartering in 2006.  He’s a good ‘ol boy from our neck of the woods at the Jersey Shore.  This trip he brought two buddies along, also from Lakewood, Yechiel Malichy and David Nahjm. 

George’s friend and fellow SeaSquared client, Mark Mohwinkle, raved about the shark fishing trips he did with us last September.  So, off to the shark hunting grounds we went with today’s trio.

The toothy critters did not disappoint once again today.  The guys lost count, but they think they landed 18 – all lemons ranging from five to seven feet.  Funny thing … one of them was one we tagged, possibly while Mark Mohwinkle was on the boat and we were helping the University of Miami with their shark research.

It certainly was a great first time Keys fishing experience for Yechiel and David!

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