Day two for Craig Williams: shark wrangling!

On Craig Williams’ second day with us he brought along his family – wife Lisa and sons Reason (11), Anderson (3) and Carter (10 months).

The three tarpon Craig landed yesterday did not wear him down so much that he wasn’t ready to test his strength against some bruisers with lots more teeth!  We headed straight for my personal shark patch and were greeted warmly by my pets.  They’re always eager for the stinky fish carcasses and whatnot I bring them.

Craig set to work quickly and landed several lemon sharks.  He then lended a hand to Reason and Anderson as they brought in some of the critters.  Well, Reason did it all on his own, while Anderson needed a bit more assistance from Dad.  Lisa and baby Carter were happy to sit back and watch the action.

In all, the crew hauled in 10 lemon sharks going from five to about seven and a half feet in length.  We can now say we’ve had shark wranglers ranging in age from three to ninety on the SeaSquared!

SeaSquared Charters practices 100% catch-and-release shark fishing using circle hooks.  Click here for more information about our Florida Keys shark fishing adventures and book your trip today!

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