Dinner and a show for family from Germany

Non-stop action for Peter Ebsen and Annette Floer and their boys, Benadikt and Konstantin, as they caught sharks and porgy.

We started the day with some good old-fashioned rod-bending with catch-and-release shark fishing.

Proof that this fishing is appropriate for anglers of all ages, the young boys did a bang-up job at reeling in large lemon and nurse sharks.

We then moved on to one of my favorite channels near the Seven Mile Bridge to catch dinner for the family.  Delicious porgy up to about two and  a half pounds filled the cooler.  More than enough for a feast for four hungry anglers.

The Ebsen/Floer family is from Germany but now lives in Oxford UK.  They came to the states for a relative’s wedding and decided to take a few extra days at Tranquility Bay Resort in Marathon for holiday.  I think this is not the last time we’ll see them in the Florida Keys!

Capt. Chris Johnson
SeaSquared Charters
Marathon Florida Keys

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